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Jagan Nath Sarraf Memorial Trust is a not-for-profit organization created without any discrimination on grounds of caste, creed, religion, race or sex.

We are focusing on alleviating poverty and social injustice. We do this through well planned and comprehensive projects in health, education, livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response. Our special focus is on the empowerment of women and girls from poor and marginalised communities leading to improvement in their lives and livelihoods.

उदारचरितानांतु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्। 

For those with a generous heart, the (entire) earth is the family.

Jagan Siksha

जगन शिक्षा

(Education for Poor)

  • Sponsor children’s’ education, provide career guidance courses, computer education, advancement of girl education, etc.

  • Establish, maintain and run studentships, scholarships and render other kind of aid to students including supply of books, uniforms, stipends, medals, trophies, mementos and other incentives to study, promote, disseminate, and perform, without any distinction as to caste, colour, race, creed or sex.

  • To establish, run, support and grant aid or other financial assistance to schools, colleges, libraries, reading rooms, universities, laboratories, research and other institutions of the like nature in India, for use of students and the staff and also for the development and advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge amongst the public.


जगन जीविका

(Livelihood Support)

  • Enhance employment prospects by providing training in English Proficiency, Basic Computer Education and Soft Skills for the fast expanding retail, hospitality and BPO sectors.

  • Provide skill development facilities for making them employment ready for various sector specific jobs e.g. Forklift Operator, Warehouse Supervisor, Housekeeping & Facility Management etc.

  • Generate self-employment opportunities by providing Sewing Kits and Mobile Repair Training

  • Provide placement service to the needy persons 

जगन आरोग्य


  • Arrange and provide medical assistance for the needy persons who are financially incapable, and sponsor treatment / surgery, particularly for life threatening diseases for the needy

  • Bring quality healthcare services to doorsteps of the needy through free mobile healthcare services, and medical camps.

  • Promote healthcare awareness and contemporary healthcare seeking behavior among the underprivileged on various issues like health care, children care, AIDS/HIV, Sanitation of environment, family planning, healthy food habits, communicable diseases, health problems in women, girl children, etc.

  • Promote socio economic welfare activities,  and provide various Aids & Appliances, particularly among men / women / children with disabilities


जगन सेवा

(Social Service for poor)

  • Conduct free mid-day meal programmes to schools and other educational institutions, and organize food donation/langars for the needy

  • Donate Blankets, Cardigans, Sweaters, and Pullovers to kids, oldies and other needy people of the society

  • Provide clean water (cooler) facility in schools and residential areas for slums and other needy

  • Respond to the immediate needs of the disaster affected people, while also maintaining a sustainable approach to help them rebuild their lives by facilitating their education, healthcare and livelihood

  • Organize mass marriages for young marriageable poor boys & girls


Meet The Founders


Satya Prakash Gupta

An educationist and a retired teacher from Delhi. He understands the importance of education and what it takes to set it up. All through his life, he has promoted educational excellence and supported many deprived children through personal scholarships, a habit which  continues. He is the inspiration behind Jagan Nath Sarraf Memorial Trust to institutionalize the charitable activities.


Late Sh. Ved Prakash Gupta

A businessman by profession, but having a heart of gold when it came to charitable activities. Throughout his life, he was associated with social work. He organized a number of health camps, free replacement of heart valves, organizing marriages of girls from economically weaker sections, and organizing langars for poor. He remains our inspiration to carry on with his legacy to continue to serve with humility.


Atul Gupta

A corporate honcho, who decided to retire early to pursue business interests, but decided to pick-up social work instead. He has been silently pursuing charity work for last 10 years, and supporting communities in and around Bangalore and NCR. He took the reins from his father and uncle to institutionalize and activate the charitable activities through this trust. He manages all day-to-day activities of the Trust.

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